Andreas Pflüger

In the Dark - Thriller

Literal translation of German title: Once And For All
(German title: Endgültig)
ca. 459 pages
Andreas Pflüger
Foto: Andreas Pflüger
© Stefan Klüter

Andreas Pflüger was born in 1957. He is one of Germany’s most renowned scriptwriters.

Among his multiple-award-winning scripts are The Ninth Day and Strike, both directed by Volker Schlöndorff, as well as over twenty episodes of Tatort. Never is the second instalment of his trilogy on the blind heroine Jenny Aaron.

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Domestic Rights Sales: German Audiobook (Random House Audio)

Over 80.000 copies sold!

One of the Top Three Crime Novels in March (KrimiZEIT)


In her previous life, Jenny Aaron was a police detective of exceptional physical ability and belonged to a group of distinguished policemen, a special task force so secret and elite that one could not apply but had to be called upon to be a part of it. But ever since a catastrophically unsuccessful operation in Barcelona, Jenny Aaron is blind.

Five years after Barcelona Aaron gets a call: her former colleagues in Berlin need her help. And with her going to Berlin, a breath-taking race against time is set into motion. Old enemies resurface, but so do her former colleagues and friends, and together they chase a ruthless killer who seems to have only one target: Jenny Aaron. But far from being helplessly handicapped, Aaron has remained what she always was: strong-willed, fearless and with skills and reflexes just as deadly as her opponent’s. She soon realizes that her entire life has been preparing her for the next thirty-six hours. And now she will have to fight for her life like never before.

Renowned screenwriter Andreas Pflüger has created the first installment of a new series that you are going to love. Not only for its unique heroine, but also because he turns one’s perception upside down by describing the world consistently and with great atmospheric density from the perspective of a blind person.

 »When the times comes, if there’s time, I don’t want to be asking myself why I have to die. I want to know why I have been alive.« Jenny Aaron


»Better than Bond: Andreas Pflüger’s powerful thriller In the Dark.« Tobias Gohlis, Die ZEIT

»In The Dark has restored my faith in Noir, what a novel, moves with the speed of accelerated art, a flawless translation from the German and a heroine to equal the recent spate of flawed realistic characters. I learnt so much about blindness that is truly not only inspirational but deeply moving. Never will I hear a tongue click without thinking of flipper and the sonar abilities of the human spirit. That this is the first in a series is superb news and why this novel isn't first in every one's top ten is a travesty. A rare and rarest magnificent book.« Ken Bruen

»An impressive feat of writing that combines imagination, empathy and a rock-hard edge - and never fails in its duty to maintain the ratcheting tension of a first-rate thriller.« The Sunday Times

»The blinded BKA-profiler encounters her nemesis for a second time. Perfect, intelligent showdown over the course of 48 hours. Pflüger knows how to do action and more, so unique in Germany.« Jury of the KrimiZEIT-Bestenliste

»Extremely gripping, full of twists and turns, filled with action, constantly surprising« Ulrich Noller, WDR

»Everyone who read this book, including me, thinks it’s sublime.« Joachim Scholl, Deutschlandradio Kultur

»perfect technique« Sandra Kegel, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»Andreas Pflüger is a master of precision. Everything in his stories, up until the smallest cog, is connected and intertwined. If he were a watchmaker, he would surely have invented the watch that tells us the time backwards. He doesn’t write, he works magic.« Dominique Horwitz

»The book gains suspense with every page you turn, you realise more and more, each mosaic piece is followed by another up until the breathtaking showdown.« Hessischer Rundfunk

»Incredibly thrilling, surprising, shocking, moving, intelligently written, full of insights into technologies of the body and of fighting« Michael Helbing, Thüringer Allgemeine

»Friendship, honesty, an alliance of the honest […] an incredibly intense, a very, very good book.« Michael Sahr, das blaue sofa

»A gripping and most of all a story filled with action, that you don’t want to stop reading […] A tough German thriller with a fascinating protagonist.« Krimi - das Magazin

»A page-turner […] The author promised another Aaron-novel. Let’s hope he hurries up.« Ingeborg Sperl, Der Standard

»With In the Dark, Andreas Pflüger has written a book that has the potential to become thriller of the year.« Jochen Vogt, Westdeutsche Allgemeine

»You can sense all throughout that Pflüger has occupied himself with the topic of blindness exhaustively, and at the same time, the story is insanely enthralling, so that you keep holding your breath while reading […] and in the end, are left thinking: more of that.« Nicola Steiner, SRF1

»Up until the end, In the Dark develops into a fast-paced, breathless super-thriller that is unrivalled. The reader is drawn into an inferno of suspense that he cannot escape. A sensational, ingenious book.« Andreas Wallentin, WDR

»Fans of Lisbeth Salander will be delighted […] With his latest book, Pflüger has created an unforgettable heroine and a close-knit group and has authored a literary ride on which you’ll forget time and place. In the Dark is highly addictive. A sequel is a must.« Constanze Matthes, zeichenundzeiten.com

»[In this story] nothing remains superficial. Everything is connected, is detailed, but never boring. […] one of those rare examples of reading material where you can hardly wait for the sequel.« Roswitha Fitzinger, OÖN

»[Because of its] incredibly well executed construction, you can read this novel like an action-packed movie, and yet it offers so much more still.« Lore Kleinert, neue-buchtipps.de

»With this novel, screenwriter Andreas Pflüger has written a thriller extraordinaire. […] Stylistically brilliant, complex and intelligently constructed.« Gabi Heinrichs, Weser Kurier

»It’s not every day that one gets to read thrillers like this, full of speed and action. A completely amazing thriller.« Almuth Wolters, Lesart

»For everyone who loves The Silence of the Lambs. Jenny Aaron is the blind Sherlock Holmes.« Stefan Ahnhem


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