Olivia Vieweg

Huck Finn - After Mark Twain

Graphic Novel
(German title: Huck Finn)
ca. 140 pages
Olivia Vieweg
Foto: Olivia Vieweg

Olivia Vieweg, born in 1987 in Jena, graduated from the Bauhaus University in Weimar in 2011 with a degree in visual communication.

She has previously published a number of Manga-style comics, including the Subway to Sally Storybook (2008/2012), as well as the bestselling Why Cats are Better than Men (2009) and the zombie comic Endtimes (2012), among others.

Sold to

Spanish world rights (Impedimenta), France (Glenat / Vents d'Ouest)


A modern take on a timeless classic

Everyone knows the adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Now you can meet this unforgettable rebel again in Olivia Vieweg’s comic adaption – but this will be a special kind of reunion, because in her version Huck’s story takes place in the here and now, in present day Germany, in the town of Halle an der Saale.

Here Finn spends his days with his wild buddies, but in the evenings he has to go home to his foster mother, a widow who smothers him with care and attention and is determined to »civilise« him. But Finn has other plans. He knows that he won’t be staying there for much longer, the pull of freedom is too strong...

Olivia Vieweg, one of Germany’s most promising young comic artists, has given us an independent, modern adaptation of one of the true classics of world literature: fresh, wild, surprising.


»It won’t be long before these magical and understated comics bring her major awards and international recognition.« Der Spiegel


Selected illustrations from the Graphic Novel Huck Finn

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