Enis Maci

Ice Cream Parlour Europe - Essays

(German title: Eiscafé Europa)
ca. 250 pages
Enis Maci
Foto: Enis Maci
© Max Zerrahn

Enis Maci, born in 1993, studied Creative Writing at the German Literature Institute in Leipzig and Cultural Sociology at the London School of Economics. Her plays have been performed, among other venues, at Schauspielhaus Theatre in Vienna and at Schauspiel Theatre in Leipzig and greeted enthusiastically. For the theatre season 2018/19, Enis Maci will be writer-in-residence at Mannheim’s National Theatre.

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Slovenia (Beletrina)

»›Your pride is your misfortune, Medea‹ is obviously the greatest lie of all.«


What might resistance look like nowadays? Seeking an answer, Enis Maci draws a direct line from Joan of Arc to Sophie Scholl to the sworn virgins of Albania. She exposes the media strategies of the identitarian movement as a farce, she questions mother tongue and  origin, travels to the Walhalla memorial where she looks at Edith Stein’s bust, the nun murdered in Auschwitz. She dwells on social fringes and weaves seemingly unrelated topics into the dense panorama of the European present-day. In her essays, the remarkable rubs shoulders in her essays with the everyday, the private with the political.


»[Maci’s] down-to-earth tone and simultaneously razor-sharp analysis are remarkable – and some of the many ways she frustrates the social expectations connected to her position.« Missy Magazine

»Enis Maci is a fabulous essayist.« Juli Katz, DIE ZEIT

»Enis Maci has a knack for gaining knowledge through close observation, perhaps because, as a trained dramatist, she has learned how to work with poetic interruptions, with moments of stasis. The self at the heart of Enis’s texts is an intractable and bold one, but one with a sense of humour.« taz. die tageszeitung

»What is post-internet literature? Texts for which the net is more of a natural state of mind than a theme. And Enis Maci is a great essayist of the genre.« Süddeutsche Zeitung

»Enis Maci is the essayist of the hour. Her analyses are razor-sharp, wonderfully meandering, unbelievably entertaining and frightening, and all at the same time.« Spiegel Online

»Enis Maci’s volume of essays connects all the types of texts and forms of articulation of our time effortlessly, ruthlessly and ingeniously. [...] Personal, political, social, radical.« supervision