Thomas Meinecke

Pale Blue - Novel

(German title: Hellblau)
ca. 336 pages
Thomas Meinecke
Foto: Thomas Meinecke
© Wolfgang Lückel

Born in 1955 in Hamburg, Meinecke has lived in a village in Upper Bavaria since 1994. Apart from writing, he plays in the band FSK and is a radio DJ.

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What is a European, African, American, a Jew? What consequences does the transatlantic slave trade have for today’s techno music? What – if anything – can techno music mean? And how political is that?

To what extent can singer Dana International represent the state of Israel in the Grand Prix de la Chanson as a former man? And what colour is Mariah Carey anyway? Tillmann spends the summer in North Carolina. He and his friends Yolanda and Cordula exchange e-mails, faxes, records and books. Meinecke interweaves his figures’ thoughts to form a polyphonic textual fabric.

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