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Miss Hedy Dreams Of Flying

Andreas Izquierdo
Foto: Andreas Izquierdo
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Andreas Izquierdo, born in 1968, is an author and screenwriter.

Among others, he published the novel King of Albania (2007), for which he was awarded the Sir-Walter-Scott-Prize for Best Historical Novel of the Year, as well as the novel Apocalypsia (2010), for which he received the Lovelybooks Readers’ Prize for Best Book of the Year.

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»Lady in her prime seeks cavalier to drive her to the nudist beach. Payment guaranteed.«


»Lady in her prime seeks cavalier to drive her to the nudist beach. Payment guaranteed.« – An ad in the local newspaper sets the ball rolling: Hedy von Pyritz, 88 years old, disciplined, sharp-tongued, vain. Keen mind, dry humour, at times offensive. An old lady, who usually sits in a wheelchair, causes a substantial scandal in the small town in the region of Münster, where she resides in grand style.

But Miss Hedy remains determined: She wants to get her own way! And finds a fellow campaigner in the shy, gentle physiotherapist Jan. Or rather more, she bullies him into it. The young man is going to drive her. End of story!
Jan doesn’t have a driver’s licence, instead he has an untreated reading and writing disability, so Hedy starts teaching him and soon an unusual relationship begins. Over time, she divulges the secrets of her colourful past, thereby changing his future in an unexpected way…

In his new novel, Andreas Izquierdo tells the story of a friendship between an old woman and a young man, which changes both their lives forever – a story that begins as light as thistledown and develops into a weighty, rousing drama.


»You’ll be in a great mood for many, many hours, guaranteed.« literaturmarkt.info

»With Andreas Izquierdo’s books, you hold the perfect reading pleasure in your hand.« Literaturmarkt.info

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