Andreas Pflüger

Operation Rubicon - Thriller

(German title: Operation Rubikon)
ca. 800 pages
Andreas Pflüger
Foto: Andreas Pflüger
© Stefan Klüter

Andreas Pflüger was born in 1957. He is one of Germany’s most renowned scriptwriters.

Among his multiple-award-winning scripts are The Ninth Day and Strike, both directed by Volker Schlöndorff, as well as over twenty episodes of Tatort. Never is the second instalment of his trilogy on the blind heroine Jenny Aaron.

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A seemingly hopeless fight against a power-hungry cartel – perfectly choreographed and thrilling until the end. An explosive thriller with an elegantly woven plot filled with insider knowledge that leaves a lasting impression.

It’s the first real case for young prosecutor Sophie Wolf: she is meant to lead a special Federal Criminal Police Office operation fighting illegal arms trade. The fact that her father, with whom she hasn’t spoken to since she was a little child, is the president of the BKA (Federal Criminal Police Office) doesn’t make the whole thing easier. The operation ends disastrously: two high-ranking mafia bosses liquidated, one officer dead after a container filled with weapons exploded, one informant shot at the airport. Everything points towards a new cartel that is trying to conquer the international arms and drugs trade by means of blackmail, corruption and murder. The president of the BKA chooses a dangerous path going forward: he founds the Rubicon Group. Only five people know about it: Sophie and four of the president’s most trusted colleagues. And maybe that’s one too many…


»A highly gripping thriller that connects politics, the economy and organised crime.« Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»The first German thriller for a long time that is of international calibre.« Deutschlandfunk

»The story is incredibly exciting and extensively researched – a great thriller, an unbelievably gripping book.« Dominique Horwitz, 08.06.2016

»An excellent political thriller. Intelligent.« Augsburger Allgemeine

»Operation Rubicon is a first-class political thriller. Not only is the novel breathtaking, it’s also informed by immense expertise.« Hans-Dieter Füser, Mannheimer Morgen

»Operation Rubicon is something that doesn’t actually exist: a novel filled with action, 800 pages long, without a single moment of boredom.« Gerald Sammet, Radio Bremen

»Nothing but excitement in a unique political thriller from Germany.« Wiesbadener Anzeiger

»If you put this book aside before finishing the last page, you have no clue about reading.« Hans-Joachim Neubauer, Rheinischer Merkur

»The novel offers fast-paced action, set in the milieu of the secret service and undercover duty, and a stupendous showdown. There are many protagonists and settings, but the strong story carries it all confidently. 800 highly gripping pages.« WDR2

»[Andreas] Pflüger put in years of research, has conferred with Hans-Ludwig Zachert, former president of the BKA. And then he has presented this gripping, smoothly told and frighteningly realistic novel.« Gold. Literarisches Magazin für Berlin und Potsdam

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Domestic Rights Sales: German Audiobook (Random House Audio)