Nicolas Mahler

Party Fun With Kant - Philosofunnies

(German title: Partyspaß mit Kant)
ca. 192 pages
Nicolas Mahler
Foto: Nicolas Mahler

Nicolas Mahler, born in 1969, lives in Vienna where he works as a comic artist and illustrator. His comic strips and cartoons have been published by newspapers and magazines such as DIE ZEIT, NZZ am Sonntag, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung and Titanic. He has received numerous awards for his extensive oeuvre, including the 2010 Max and Moritz Prize for »Best German-Language Comic Artist« and the 2015 Preis der Literaturhäuser.

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Nicolas Mahler’s short comic history of philosophy from Plato to Foucault


Austria’s best-known comic artist, Nicolas Mahler, presents hitherto unknown scenes from the lives of twenty-two of the world’s most famous philosophers: we go to a party with Kant, visit an art exhibition with Hegel, go to the supermarket with Marx and join Nietzsche at the boy scout camp. We go to the movies with Deleuze and celebrate a dream wedding with Simone de Beauvoir … and even if none of this actually happened, we will still have learned more about the lives, thoughts, and feelings of these philosophers than ever before.


»Philosophy is incomprehensible, boring and humourless? Please! Only those who haven’t yet read Nicolas Mahler’s graphic novel on philosophy could say that.« Jürgen Klatzer, Kurier.at

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