Bernhard Waldenfels

Plato - The Other is an Echo of Socratic Atopia

(German title: Platon)
ca. 300 pages
Bernhard Waldenfels
Foto: Bernhard Waldenfels
© Uwe Dettmar

Bernhard Waldenfels, born in 1934 in Essen, is Professor emeritus of Philosophy at the Ruhr University, Bochum.

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In his latest work, world-famous phenomenologist Bernhard Waldenfels explores the dialectic between Pathos and Logos in Plato. Based on forays through Plato’s Dialogues, Waldenfels’s expositions touch on various subjects like politics, law, medicine, economy, anthropology, zoology, speech and literature. The individual pieces refer to thinkers like Marcel Hénaff, Claude Lévi- Strauss and Ovid and respond to Marcel Mauss, Michail Bachtin, Goethe, Dostoyevsky and others.

Plato has accompanied Waldenfels upon his philosophical path ever since he completed his dissertation. The current volume is at the same time a summary of a unique life of study.


Table of contents:

I. Plato’s Dialogues, Bachtin’s Polyphony and Nietzsche’s Polymachia

II. Paths through the Cave and the Wandering Gaze

III. Self-Referentialities

IV. The Fundamental Tone of Desire and the Power of Eros

V. Life Medicine

VI. The Roll of Money and Gold and Reason as Pure Token

VII. Threats to Life: Angst, Courage and Hope

VIII. A Philosophical Bestiarium

IX. Otherness in Greek

Other publications

Grundmotive einer Phänomenologie des Fremden/Phenomenology of the Alien (2006)

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Topographie des Fremden/A Topography of the Other (1997)

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