Nicolas Mahler


With an afterword by Raimund Fellinger
(German title: Gedichte)
ca. 96 pages
Nicolas Mahler
Foto: Nicolas Mahler

Nicolas Mahler, born in 1969, lives in Vienna where he works as a comic artist and illustrator. His comic strips and cartoons have been published by newspapers and magazines such as DIE ZEIT, NZZ am Sonntag, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung and Titanic. He has received numerous awards for his extensive oeuvre, including the 2010 Max and Moritz Prize for »Best German-Language Comic Artist« and the 2015 Preis der Literaturhäuser.

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A philosophy of life presented in image-poems about the absurdity of existence

Poems worthy of Beckett, Cioran and Wittgenstein’s praise

Written by the »existentialist of humour«

Nicolas Mahler, »the best Austrian comic artist there ever was« (FAZ), has in the past years gathered an ever-larger following. And it is no wonder, as no comic artist is as bizarre, clever and cryptic as him. And no one masters the great art of condensation through image, which he applies to poetry.

It appears only logical that his minimalistic style should be converted into poetry. Poetry? Yes, poetry indeed: graphic poetry, wherein image substitutes word – creating a visual, wordless poetry.

In this series of 21 two-lined poems, Mahler portrays the process of an entire lifetime from the cradle to the grave. Subtly and using black humour, he relates the absurdity of human existence – to the delight of his readership, for whom he stands as the »irresistible antidote against the pains of speech and Weltschmerz.« (3sat Kulturzeit)


»It is difficult to find comic strips funnier than Nicolas Mahler’s. They are unique in their graphic condensation and the richness of their content.« FAZ


In conversation with Max Spallek, Nicolas Mahler reveals his rituals while drawing (»I lie down on the couch and think«), which are his favourite comic books, how and when he started to draw comics and that he »visits« his books in book shops.

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