Detlef Bluhm

Ship’s cats

With Illustrations
(German title: Schiffskatzen)
ca. 165 pages
Detlef Bluhm

Detlef Bluhm

Detlef Bluhm, born in Berlin in 1954, has worked many years in the book trade and publishing business.

Since 1992 he is CEO of the Berlin-Brandenburg division of the German Publishers and Booksellers Association (Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels), as well as of the employers’ association of book stores and publishing houses in 1996.

Since 1989, Bluhm has released about 20 books as editor and author.

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Italy (Corbaccio)

For all cat lovers and fans of cats in general

Cats ahoy!


The map of the world today would look very different were it not for cats. Without them the great sea expeditions and voyages of discovery would never have been possible: on the weeklong trips across the Atlantic cats were a necessity, for they protected the food from rats and mice.

Even up until the 20th century their presence on trade and warships, expeditions, and passenger ships was a given. There was even a French insurance company which used to demand the presence of at least one cat on board – otherwise, no insurance. In fact, this tradition of having a cat present has persisted in many places even up until today.

Detlef Bluhm has reconstructed the history of ship’s cats and spins tales of their lives on board: from daring shore leaves to adventure-filled expeditions all the way up to the risky attempts to save overboard ship’s cats lives.