Christa Wolf

Speak, that I may see you - Essays, Lectures, Interviews

(German title: Rede, daß ich dich sehe)
ca. 208 pages
Christa Wolf
Foto: Christa Wolf
© Susanne Schleyer

Christa Wolf, born in Landsberg/Warthe (Gorzów Wielkopolski) in 1929, passed away in Berlin in 2011. Her work has been awarded numerous awards, including the Georg Büchner-, Thomas-Mann- and Uwe-Johnson Literary Awards.

Christa Wolf’s works are translated into 40 languages and include:

Stadt der Engel oder The Overcoat of Dr. Freud (2010)
Mit anderem Blick. Erzählungen (2005)
Ein Tag im Jahr. 1960-2000 (2003)
Leibhaftig. Erzählung (2002)
Was bleibt. Erzählung (1990)
Sommerstück (1989)
Störfall. Nachrichten eines Tages (1987)
Die Dimension des Autors. Essays und Aufsätze, Reden und Gespräche 1959-1985 (1986)
Kassandra. Erzählung (1983)
Kein Ort Nirgends (1979)
Kindheitsmuster (1976)
Nachdenken über Christa T. (1968)
Der geteilte Himmel. Erzählung (1963)

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This volume is a collection of Christa Wolf’s late essays, lectures and interviews, put together by the author herself. Many of these texts are previously unpublished.

Speak, that I may see you – this Socratic imperative gives a sense of the goal Christa Wolf was striving for with her writing: to make her presence known, »to get to the roots of our existence«. In this collection she turns her attention to the works of fellow authors and visual artists. She writes about Dr. Faustus and Thomas Mann’s exile in Los Angeles, the setting for her 2010 novel City of Angels or: The Overcoat of Dr. Freud, translated into 19 languages. She draws a loving portrait Uwe Johnson and militates for Günter Grass. She describes etchings made by Spanish artist Nuria Quevedo around the myth of Cassandra, the eponymous heroine of Christa Wolf’s celebrated 1983 novella; as well as Günther Uecker’s ash paintings inspired by Chernobyl, the starting point for her novella Accident: a Day’s News.

In the texts collected in this volume, a great author of our time weaves an intricate artistic dialogue at the centre of which her own best-selling works reveal themselves.

Other publications

Nachruf auf Lebende. Die Flucht/Obituary for the Living (2014)

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Ein Tag im Jahr im neuen Jahrhundert/One Day a Year (2013)

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August/August (2012)

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Stadt der Engel/City of Angels or The Overcoat of Dr. Freud (2010)

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Mit anderem Blick/Another view (2005)

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Kindheitsmuster/Patterns of Childhood (1976)

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