Sigrid Damm

»Summer rain of love« - Goethe and Charlotte von Stein

(German title: »Sommerregen der Liebe«)
ca. 375 pages
Sigrid Damm
Foto: Sigrid Damm
© Ute Karen Seggelke

Sigrid Damm was born in Gotha/Thüringen and lives as a writer in Berlin and Mecklenburg. A member of P.E.N. and the Academy of Sciences and Literature in Mainz, she has received numerous recognitions and awards for her works and is the author of the bestseller, Christiane and Goethe: A History (Christiane und Goethe. Eine Recherche).

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Including a selection of the most beautiful love letters from Goethe to Charlotte von Stein.

Sigrid Damm's books with Insel: over 1 million copies sold


Goethe’s letters to Charlotte von Stein are some of the most beautiful examples of world literature. They are intimate documents of Goethe’s first decade at Weimar, which, during his lifetime, was shrouded in silence.

Unreservedly he shares with her all his doubts and fears, tells her of his successes and failures and of his artistic and socio-political work in the Duchy of Weimar. Above all, however, these letters tell of his passion for this unattainable woman. Sigrid Damm has revisited these more than a thousand letters and conducted extensive research. The result is a unique and comprehensive portrait of the young Goethe between the ages of twenty-six and thirty-six. Damm illuminates the story behind his unusual love for von Stein, who was seven years his senior. She gives us insight into their high-flying illusions, their daily closeness, cheerfulness, the tensions between them and the reasons that led to the tragic end of their affair.


»a sensitive portrait that shows the young Goethe and von Stein in a new light. […] Even though Goethe’s letters may be known, what Sigrid Damm makes of them and the way she reads them, reveal many new stories revolving around the luminous figure of German Classicism. What ensues is a unique portrayal; the inner life of the young Goethe […] unfurls in front of us.« Deutschlandradio Kultur

»There’s no other German non-fiction author who writes like her. You can immerse yourself in Sigrid Damm’s prose, you can swim through it with powerful strokes and feel refreshed and invigorated afterwards. Or you can float in it and enjoy every single expression and each precisely placed citation.« Das Magazin

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Christiane und Goethe/Christiane and Goethe (1998)

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