Nicolas Mahler

The Man Without Qualities - After Robert Musil

Graphic Novel
(German title: Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften)
ca. 150 pages
Nicolas Mahler
Foto: Nicolas Mahler

Nicolas Mahler, born 1969, works as an Illustrator for Austrian, German and Swiss newspapers and magazines. He has published more than 20 books that have amongst others been published in Germany, France, the US and Canada.

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English world rights (Seagull), Spanish world rights (Salamandra), Italy (Edizioni Clichy), Czech Republic (Archa)


Musil’s monumental work – from the master of minimalism

There are books that a person just has to have read. We can know this, and still recoil from them. These books seem too massive, too challenging, too awe-inspiring. Robert Musil’s The Man Without Qualities is such a colossal novel: one greets it dutifully, in order to beat a lightning-fast retreat. But whoever has a go at this book will be immediately surprised at how light and entertaining it is to read, and wonder why he passed it up for so long.
When such a ›daring‹ reader also happens to be an exceptionally gifted graphic artist like Nicolas Mahler, whose spare drawings and laconic humor has made him an »international star of the graphic art scene« (arte), the encounter with Musil’s once-a-century novel gives way to something wholly its own: a congenial adaptation that is equally profound as it is lighthearted.

From one of the most internationally known German-language cartoonists


»The way Nicholas Mahler makes them, comics could hardly be funnier. They are as unmistakable in their minimalist illustrations as they are in the richness of their content.« Andreas Platthaus, FAZ


Selected illustrations from the Graphic Novel The Man without Qualities

In conversation with Max Spallek, Nicolas Mahler reveals his rituals while drawing (»I lie down on the couch and think«), which are his favourite comic books, how and when he started to draw comics and that he »visits« his books in book shops.

Other publications

Partyspaß mit Kant/Party With Kant (2015)

Sold to:

Czech Republic (Archa)

Der Weltverbesserer/The World-Fixer (2014)

Sold to:

Czech Republic (Archa)

Gedichte/Poems (2013)

Sold to:

English world rights (Seagull), Czech Republic (Archa)

Alice in Sussex/Alice in Sussex (2013)

Sold to:

Spanish world rights (Salamandra), Slovenia (VigeVageKnjige)

Alte Meister/Old Masters (2011)

Sold to:

English world rights (Seagull), Spanish world rights (Sinsentido - published, rights reverted), Chinese simplex rights (Horizon), France (L'Association), Poland (Proszynski) Czech Republic (Archa)