Rafael Horzon

The New Book - Novel

(German title: Das Neue Buch)
ca. 303 pages
Rafael Horzon
Foto: Rafael Horzon
© Florena Horaz

Rafael Horzon, born 1970, lives and works in Berlin.

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Ten years after Rafael Horzon’s successful autobiography The White Book not much has been reported about the former darling of Berlin’s intelligentsia. It’s become too quiet, in his opinion. And so, he brings himself to try once more: With a new book, he wants to set himself up as the most important intellectual of the 21st century; indeed, even finally win the much longed-for Nobel Prize. But he can’t think of anything to write about.

Starting from this simple idea, Rafael Horzon conjures up a true masterpiece that is sometimes gloomy but mostly incredibly funny and on top of that, every single word of this insane story is true …

Casually, quite en passant, in front of his readers’ eyes, Horzon writes page after page of an intelligent and light-hearted book about friendship, death, life and love.

Other publications

Das Weisse Buch/The White Book (2010)

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