Galsan Tschinag

The Other Existence - Novel

(German title: Das andere Dasein)
ca. 271 pages
Galsan Tschinag
Foto: Galsan Tschinag
© Aibora Galsan

Galsan Tschinag was born in western Mongolia, the youngest son of a nomad family, he is patriarch of the Tuvans, a Turkic-speaking ethnic minority in Mongolia. In his home country, his name is Irgit Schynykbaioglu Dshurukuwaa. Tschinag studied German in Leipzig and since then has written in German. He has been making his livelihood as a freelance writer since 1991, living mainly in Ulan Bator, but he also spends many months on the road with his tribe in the Altai Mountains. Galsan Tschinag sees himself as an intermediary between cultures and spends a great deal of his time on reading trips abroad. He has been awarded the Heimito-von-Doderer-Preis in 2001.


»Archaic, powerful language, magnificent.« Focus

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Galsan Tschinag, a German-language writer from Mongolia and prize-winning bestselling author, tells the story of a passionate love in his new novel. The Other Existence refers to the chance to experience happiness even after a great loss.

Moscow in late spring 1977: Young Burjate Minganbajir meets the Hungarian student Anni and falls madly in love. They spend some wonderful days together, then she has to go back to Budapest. His only letter comes back with the comment: »No recipient. Please do not write to this address again!« Times passes, Minganbajir gets married, starts a family and earns his living as an interpreter. But his lost love always remains in his heart. Years later, he meets another Anni. She is the manager of a Hungarian circus troupe, which he accompanies as an interpreter into the Mongolian steppe. He feels mysteriously drawn to this woman, feels a connection to her, although she can’t be his Anni as she is considerably older. During an excursion into the wintry steppe, the two get closer. Could it be that she is the mother of his former lover? And could it be that love transcends generations?

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