Zoë Beck

The Supplier - Thriller

(German title: Die Lieferantin)
ca. 324 pages
Zoë Beck
Foto: Zoë Beck
© Victoria Tomaschko

Zoë Beck, born in 1975, completed her education in Germany and England. She is a writer, translator (of James Grady and Gerald Seymour among others), publisher, and also works in film and television. She lives in Berlin. Zoë Beck belongs among the most important German crime fiction authors and has been awarded numerous prizes.

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The new thriller by best-selling author Zoë Beck: cool, highly topical, deadly


London, in the not too distant future: A drug dealer is floating down the Thames – dead. A protection racketeer disappears without a trace. And Ellie Johnson is certain that she is in danger too.

Ellie is the head of the hottest (and the most illegal) startup in London: via the app she developed, users can order drugs of the highest quality, which are then delivered via drones. Completely anonymous, secure, perfectly organised. There is only one catch: the entirety of the London underground feels threatened by her competitive business model and wants to see Ellie dead – and so it’s not long before there is a bounty on her head. Ellie decides to fight, yet her enemies are powerful, and they lie in wait at every street corner.


»An absorbing urban thriller – masterfully narrated.« Kolja Mensing, Deutschlandfunk Kultur

»A must-read! Thrilling, entertaining and very clever.« Anja Goerz, Radio Bremen

»[Zoë Beck] plays with the genre elements with the most beautiful self-evidence, even spins them a little further. The stories – without ever seeming to be speculative, anxious for effect, pedagogic or driven by agenda – blend into a panorama, in which everything is clearly visible.« Elmar Krekeler, Die Welt

»This crime novel not only stands out from the vast genre mass through its skilful composition; contentwise the author also emphasises a point that could certainly be relevant as a basis for discussion within our modern day society.« Katharina Granzin, taz

»Zoë Beck is in total control. The cross connections that emerge between the protagonists are convincing and the causal chain that results from the various events never appears forced.« Peter Körte, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung

»A gripping and confidently told metropolis thriller.« Kolja Mensing, Der Tagesspiegel

»An unusual thriller, succinct, crisp and very dark.« Ingeborg Sperl, Der Standard

»A post Brexit thriller in a country that threatens to break apart. Trenchant and laconic. The author accurately unfolds a world whose entire social putty is disintegrating.« Martin Schöne, 3sat Kulturzeit

»A breathtaking thriller.« Christian Seidel, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

»Zoë Beck writes a different, a critical of society sort of thriller. But it’s a really good one.« Brigitte

»Thrilling, told in unadorned language and at high speed.« Lukas Jenkner, Stuttgarter Zeitung

»Zoë Beck’s new novel is set in London in the near future and features a snappy writing style and modern framework. A refreshing view on the London underworld.« HÖRZU

»A candidate for the Deutsche Krimipreis.« Joachim Schneider, Badische Zeitung

»Zoë Beck once again delivers a dynamic and politically actual thriller that, after an unexpected end, leaves us thinking.« Silke Schröder, Hallo-Buch.de

»Books like this are like a drug.« Hauke Harder, Leseschatz

»Zoë Beck – the multi-talent of crime fiction.« Die Zeit

»Zoë Beck has perfected the ability to convey in her stories contemporary phenomena that have about as many layers to them as her novels have page.« Die Welt