Friedrich A. Kittler

The Truth of the Technological World - Essays on the Genealogy of the Present

Edited, with an afterword by Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht
Friedrich A. Kittler

Friedrich A. Kittler

Friedrich A. Kittler (1943–2011) was professor emeritus for aesthetics at the Humboldt University in Berlin and also taught at Yale, Berkeley, and Stanford, among others.

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Few German scholars in the past 50 years have had such a lasting impact on the cultural situation of our time, including its academic institutions, as Friedrich Kittler. It is in large part due to his writings that the radio, the gramophone, and the computer are not just objects of cultural fascination, but also of philosophical reflection.

This volume contains a collection of essays written by Kittler over the course of 40 years which serve as a testament to the enormous breadth, intensity, and the singular creativity of his thought.