Klaus Bittermann

Furniture at Home, But No Money for Alcohol

Kreuzberg nights are longer than ever – and world-famous. When the young people of this neighbourhood in the centre of Berlin declare a bridge over the Landwehr canal to be a must-visit, even the New York Times takes notice.

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Billy enjoys a sheltered childhood in his aunt and uncle’s family in Duffmore, a small town in Scotland. His hippie parents have split from the world with an overdose shortly after his birth. From them, he inherited his love for music: for the Beatles, the Ramones, Joy Division. From his uncle, on the other hand, he receives the love for philosophy.

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Italy (nottetempo)
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Rafael Horzon

The White Book

The unusual biography of an entrepreneur in the form of a picaresque novel Rafael Horzon’s Das weisse Buch grants us compelling insights into his fast-paced life as a furniture magnate, original genius and apple-cake tycoon.

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France (Attila), Italy (Scritturapura), Netherlands (Warenmagazijn), Serbia (Plato Books / B&S)

Tatjana Kruse

Mermaids Murder Better

Three strangers demolish Konny and Kriemhild’s bed & breakfast and demand that the sisters hand over the millions that the Commodore, Kriemhild’s deceased husband, owes them. Did the Commodore really unearth a treasure illegally, scam his crew, sell the treasure and stash away the money in a secret place?

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Nicolas Mahler

The Little ABC of Survival

Sometimes, it just hits you and you don’t even know why. That’s when life seems nothing but chaotic, devastating and confusing. Fighting this, however, is profoundly pointless – and anything but funny. If, yet again, you’ve rushed into one of those crises at full throttle and can’t find your way out, you should take a look at The Little ABC of Survival. From »Age« to »Work«, from »Jealousy« to »Divorce« and from »Subconsciousness« to »Doubt« it offers humoristic crutches for the more rattling aspects of life and a lot of fun on top of that.

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Ilke S. Prick

Done With Forget-Me-Nots

A happy relationship, a steady job, a comfy couch… Everything seems to be perfect in Marieke’s life – until she finds herself alone with seventeen moving boxes in a strange apartment on New Year’s Eve.

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Hans Traxler


A summer month in a stately country residence in East Sussex. Sounds marvelous. When a married couple is invited by their English friends to look after the house and the dog while they go on holiday, they are overjoyed at the prospect. Swimming in Pevensey Bay, excursions with the Bluebell Express, visits to the Tate Gallery, hiking in the Downs – the two make great plans. But they have not taken Sniffler, their hosts’ dachshund, into account. The dog is panicked with fear of being left alone and comes up with ever more and new tricks to prevent his dog-sitters from leaving the premises …

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