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Friedrich von Borries

Climate Capsules

Until now, we have chosen to ignore the consequences of global warming in the blind hope that our politicians and engineers will come up with solutions once the problems have become sufficiently pressing. A more realistic response would be to pose, as Friedrich von Borries does, the following question: How will we adapt when climate change has become an irreversible reality?

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Roman Brinzanik, Tobias Hülswitt

Will we live forever?

This is an interdisciplinary non-fiction book containing 14 interviews with leading scientists, philosophers and artists about the radical extension of healthy human lifespan and the merging of man and technology. It is not science fiction! The interviewees are international experts from 8 different countries, including the French Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Jean-Marie Lehn, the stem cell researcher Hans R. Schöler and the brain researcher Wolf Singer.

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Roman Brinzanik, Tobias Hülswitt

Will We Save The Earth?

Roman Brinzanik and Tobias Hülswitt speak to philosophers and artists about the relationship of mankind, nature and technology and the evolution and function of stories about the downfall and the saving of our earth.

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Dietmar Dath

Winter of Machines

As we all know, it is not machines which employ machines but humans who build and use machines. Therefore it can no longer be accepted that machines increasingly worsen our living conditions although they were originally intended to improve them.

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Petra Dobner

Water Politics

Clean water is a basic requirement for earthly existence. This book makes visible the complex dimensions of the global water crisis, and against the background of theoretical conceptions of securing the common good and possibilities of political control traces the development of basic public infrastructure towards structures of global governance.

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Daniel Martin Feige


Whether furniture, hoardings, websites, clothing, pictograms, cars, or urban spaces: design is omnipresent. Only in philosophy has it up until now not received (almost) any consideration.

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Bernward Gesang

Climate Ethics

Although climate change is a pressing theme of our times, convincing climate ethics have yet to emerge. This book looks for an answer to the question of how political action has to be evaluated regarding the responsibility towards future generations.

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Ursula K. Heise

After Nature

The extinction of species from the perspective of cultural science.

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Hans Jonas

The Imperative of Responsibility

Hans Jonas here rethinks the foundations of ethics in light of the awesome transformations wrought by modern technology: the threat of nuclear war, ecological ravage, genetic engineering, and the like.

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Janina Loh

Robot Ethics

In her essential book, philosopher Janina Loh addresses the moral challenges that play a role in the construction of robots as well as in dealing with them: Are robots autonomous? Can they act morally? Do they have a moral value? Should they have rights? Who is responsible when a robot harms a human being?

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Markus Metz, Georg Seeßlen

Freedom and Control

One of the defining experiences of the present is that the eternal dichotomy of freedom and control continues to unfold with new sharpness: the individual and society are confronted with an unprecedented variety of ways of being free. On the other hand, technical possibilities and the widely felt need for ever-increasing control are escalating - whether over one's own body, the borders or the whole world.

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Josef H. Reichholf

Stable Imbalances

Maintaining the biodiversity of the earth is one of the main goals of the United Nations' mission for the future. It hopes to achieve this by preserving a static world view. Modern conservation also places emphasis on the »balance of the natural environment« and thereby on a static concept of ecology.

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Clemens J. Setz


Imagine you’re a famous writer and are asked to give an extensive interview. You’re expected to disclose information about your interests and intellectual preferences, about the premises and backgrounds, the motifs and topics of your large body of work. Imagine not being able to think of anything to say, nothing whatsoever, try as you might. Well, someone else has to talk about you then. But who is the right person for the job? Who possesses enough information about you and your books? In the case of writer Clemens J. Setz, there was an alternative.

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