Juri Andruchowytsch

Justice’s Darlings - Parahistorical Novel

Original Ukrainian title: Коханці Юстиції, published in 2017 by Meridian Czernowitz
(German title: Die Lieblinge der Justiz)
ca. 299 pages
Juri Andruchowytsch
Foto: Juri Andruchowytsch
© Susanne Schleyer

Juri Andruchowytsch was born in 1960 in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. He is considered the leading contemporary Ukrainian writer. He writes poems, prose, essays and translates from German and Polish.

Awards (selection):
Leipziger Buchpreis zur Europäischen Verständigung 2006
Sonderpreis des Erich-Maria-Remarque-Friedenspreises 2005

Sold to

Poland (Warstwy), Bulgaria (Paradox)

Longlisted for the Angelus Award 2020

Of wondrous bandits and other rogues


Justice’s Darlings, these are crimes and criminals, real and alleged: Bohdan Stashynsky, for example, a KGB officer and assassin who kills the Ukrainian nationalist Stepan Bandera in his exile in Munich, but then flees to the West with an East-German hairdresser he is in love with and turns himself in to the authorities.

Or Mario, the grocer from Kolomyia in the Eastern backcountry of the Austro- Hungarian Empire: He is young, successful and devoted to his wife Maria in a beautiful, wild love – but his secret rendezvous with a Carpathian wizard will prove so fatal that not even Emperor Franz Joseph himself is able to help him.

In his new work of prose, Juri Andruchowytsch unfolds a panorama of murder, love and betrayal; of the monstrosity of crime and justice that spans across the centuries. And yet, not everything is as it seems…


»Andruchowytsch is one author you happily let lead you astray.« Carmen Eller, Die literarische Welt

»Juri Andruchowytsch writes stories that leave you unsure as to whether they stem from a wild life or a dream journey à la Bulgakov.« taz. die tageszeitung

»Every now and again, when the unformatted nonsense, when true pleasure and perversion demand their rights, Juri Andruchowytsch is waiting for us around a corner and deals us this incredible stuff.« Berliner Zeitung

Other publications

Kleines Lexikon intimer Städte/Small Encyclopedia of Intimate Cities (2016)

Sold to:

France (Noir sur Blanc), Croatia (Fraktura)

Perversion/Perversion (2011)

Sold to:

USA (Northwestern UP), Spain (Quaderns Crema/El Acantilado), Russia (NLO), France (Noir sur Blanc), Italy (Del Vecchio), Finland (Loki Kirjat), Poland (Czarne), Bulgaria (Paradox), Serbia (Clio)

Geheimnis/Secret (2008)

Rights available

Moscoviada/Moscoviada (2006)

Sold to:

USA (Spuyten Duyvil), Spanish world rights (Quaderns Crema), Russia (New Literary Review), France (Noir sur Blanc), Italy (Besa Editrice), Poland (Czarne), Czech Republic (FRA), Hungary (Gondolat), Slovenia (Cankarjeva), Belarus (ARCHE), Georgia (Bakur Sulakauri), Israel (Nine Lives Press); previously published in the respective language / territory; rights available again: Slovakia (Kalligram), Macedonia (Makedonska Rech), Bulgaria (Paradox), Romania (Allfa)

Zwölf Ringe/Twelve Rings (2005)

Sold to:

English world rights (Spuyten Duyvil), Spanish world rights (Quaderns Crema/El Acantilado), France (Noir sur Blanc), Italy (Del Vecchio), Poland (Czarne), Hungary (Gondolat), Lithuania (Lithuanian Writers), Croatia (Fraktura), Serbia (Filip Visnjic), Slovenia (Cankarjeva); previously published in the respective language / territory; rights available again: Bulgaria (Paradox), Romania (RAO)

Mein Europa/My Europe (2004)

Sold to:

Spanish world rights (Quaderns Crema/El Acantilado), France (Noir sur Blanc), Italy (print edition Mimesis / digital edition GoWare), Poland (Wydawictwo Czarne), Czech Republic (Periplum), Hungary (Kijarat), Bulgaria (Lektura), Romania (Polirom), Croatia (Fraktura)

Das letzte Territorium/The Last Territory (2003)

Sold to:

Spanish world rights (Quaderns Crema/El Acantilado), Hungary (Racio)