Marion Poschmann

Nimbus - Poems

(German title: Nimbus)
ca. 115 pages
Marion Poschmann
Foto: Marion Poschmann
© Jürgen Bauer

Marion Poschmann, born in Essen in 1969, studied German Studies, Philosophy and Slavic Studies and currently lives in Berlin.

Her works of poetry and prose have been honoured many times; Poschmann was awarded the 2011 Peter Huchel Prize and the 2011 Ernst Meister Prize for poetry as well as the Literary Prize of the City of Düsseldorf (2017), the German Prize for Nature Writing (2017) and the Literary Prize of the City of Berlin (2018). Her volume of poetry Borrowed Sceneries was nominated for the Prize of the Leipzig Book Fair 2016. Her novel The Pine Islands was shortlisted for the German Book Prize in 2017 and for the Man Booker International Prize in 2019. Her most recent work, Nimbus, was awarded the Orphil Poetry Prize 2020 and the Bremen Literature Prize 2021, while her extensive poetic œuvre was honoured with the Hölty Prize 2020. In 2021, she received the WORTMELDUNGEN Prize for Literature.

Rights available

By the author of The Pine Islands (Man Booker International Shortlist 2019, German Book Prize Shortlist 2017)

From the winner of the Hölty Prize 2020

Orphil Poetry Prize 2020

Bremen Literature Prize 2021

»What is Darkness?«


Nimbus, the dark cloud, is a manifestation of momentum, splendour, vastness, and yet it belongs to the realm of the amorphous, impalpable. It takes effect, it determines the atmosphere, at the same time it is withdrawn, remains uncontrollable.

With a strong grip and subtility, wit and tenderness, Marion Poschmann makes an attempt at thinking proximity and distance together and to transforming the boundless powers of the external presents into a space of intimacy in her new poems. But where is the interior? The exploration of Siberia before industrialisation, fleeting encounters with animals, the nuances of a colour or the vulnerability of ice masses reflect the uniqueness of global change just as much as the small, magical practices of everyday life.

Nimbus is a celebration of the sublime and the beautiful, captivating and conscious of its form, distinctive in its sound, sensual and philosophical.


»... in Marion Poschmann’s work, abstract realisation and powerful imagery blend even into the details. […] [She] moves with somnambulistic certainty through the history of culture and science.« Hubert Winkels, Süddeutsche Zeitung

»Engaging with the inward of Nimbus means becoming receptive: to words made from heat lightning and steam of clouds, to the sacred within poetry.« Björn Hayer, NZZ am Sonntag

»Marion Poschmann is the poet of the space pointing towards the uncertain. [… Her] creations are ephemeral as they only reveal their delicate beauty as they become blurred, thaw and dissolve.« Christian Metz, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»Marion Poschmann formats her images through a multitude of lyrical forms, such as free verse, but also the ode, astonishingly close to it. [… or] the sonnet, which shines here as a wreath of sonnets with fifteen individual, delicately interwoven poems.« Steffen Richter, Der Tagesspiegel

»The poems in Nimbus ponder mankind and nature, power and powerlessness, also in literature, in delicately spun verses in nine cycles.« Beate Tröger, der Freitag

»The poet herself is looking for a vastness in front of which a paralysed self can be called into question, but still aims at finding the self at the same time. That’s what makes this a gripping read.« Eberhard Geisler, taz. die tageszeitung

»Beautiful poetic illuminations as wlel as sombre utopias alight from the dark cloud, the Nimbus, in Marion Poschmann’s fabulous volume of poetry. They are delicately constructed texts carried by experiences of nature and art that show us the world in a way that makes it seem as though we were seeing it for the first time.« Michael Braun, Deutschlandfunk Kultur

»The beauty of Poschmann’s literature shines [...] from another world over into ours.« Björn Hayer, der Freitag

»Poschmann [convinces] both as a poet and a novelist.« Volker Blech, Berliner Zeitung

»Poschmann‘s style has something easy about it. The words float into the lines that make up he poems like snow crystals.« Michael Opitz, Deutschlandfunk

»There are only few German-speaking writers who move with equal elegance and virtuosity in both poetry and prose. Poschmann is one of them.« SWR 2

»With Nimbus, Marion Poschmann has reached a level of virtuosity that has no equal in contemporary German-speaking poetry.« Dirk Hohensträter, WDR Kultur

Praise for Die Kieferninseln (The Pine Islands):

»Miraculous.« The Guardian

»Blackly funny.« Daily Mail

»Quirky, unpredictable and darkly comic.« Man Booker International Judges’ Citation

»If you’ve ever wondered how a writer of imagination and wit might blend Murakami-style mysticism with black humoured realism, this diverting novel will tell you everything you need to know.« Big Issue

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Die Kieferninseln/The Pine Islands (2017)

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