Erwin Seitz

The Gasthaus - A Place to Call Home

With numerous colour photographs
(German title: Das Gasthaus)
ca. 136 pages
Erwin Seitz
Foto: Erwin Seitz
© Joachim Zimmermann

Erwin Seitz, born in 1958, trained as a butcher and chef. After that, he studied German Philology, Philosophy and Art History in Berlin and Oxford, UK. Seitz lives in Berlin, where he works as a journalist, author and food critic. He teaches Food Management at the University of Heilbronn.

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A long table made from solid wood, floorboards, benches along the walls, wood cladding and a tiled stove, hosts who know their guests and who give them a feeling of comfort – that is the soul of the German Gasthaus, a type of inn or tavern. This is a place where sociable companionship is important no matter what happens in the outside world.

Erwin Seitz introduces individual Gasthäuser rich in tradition and from its history develops a typology of the Gasthaus that includes the modern Gasthaus of today: the Gasthaus as a symbol of how times change, a place from the pre-industrial age for the post-industrial society, a sign of changed lifestyles – steeped in tradition but still open to new impulses.


»Erwin Seitz believes: [The Gasthaus] will be back. On his way to prove this, his equally mouth-watering and deeply historical account passes through all the stops: from monasteries to Renaissance establishments with detours to Grand Hotels and Apfelwein taprooms. Beautiful, knowledgeable and cosy.« der Freitag