Clemens J. Setz

Till Eulenspiegel - Thirty Pranks and Jests

Recounted by Clemens J. Setz. With illustrations by Philip Waechter
(German title: Till Eulenspiegel)
ca. 148 pages
Clemens J. Setz
Foto: Clemens J. Setz
© Max Zerrahn

Clemens J. Setz, born 1982, lives in Graz.

»As evil as Nabokov, as virtuosic as David Foster Wallace.« Welt am Sonntag

»One of the highest hopes of German literature.« FAZ

Prizes received for his work:

Heinrich-von-Kleist Prize 2020

Berliner Literaturpreis 2019

Literaturpreis der Steiermark 2017

Wilhelm Raabe-Literaturpreis 2015

Longlisted for the German Book Prize 2015 (for Die Stunde zwischen Frau und Gitarre)

Literaturpreis des Kulturkreises der deutschen Wirtschaft 2013

Shortlisted for the German Book Prize 2012 (for Indigo)

Leipzig Book Fair Prize 2011 (for Die Liebe zur Zeit des Mahlstädter Kindes)

Literature Prize of the City of Bremen 2010

Shortlisted for the German Book Prize 2009 (for Die Frequenzen)

Ernst-Willner-Preis 2008 at the Ingeborg-Bachmann-Wettbewerb

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Every child knows the stories about this most famous of pranksters, the one who bakes owls and monkeys, teaches a donkey how to read and fools the Duke of Anhalt. His sly humour, taking everything literally and intentionally misunderstanding everything, with which he keeps lords and masters at bay, has become proverbial. But it’s not only the powerful that fall victim to his rough pranks: poor farmers and tradesmen, animals and children aren’t safe either.

In Clemens J. Setz’s recounting of selected stories from the beloved folk tale, subtly illustrated by Philip Waechter, Till Eulenspiegel, »possibly the freest character in German literature«, gets up to nothing but mischief and trouble in the villages and houses of the honest, decent people – to the mischievous pleasure of the reader.


»very amusing, very concise and refreshingly provocative« NDR.de

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