Angelika Felenda

Iron Summer

June 1914: two shots are fired in Sarajevo and the world marches on toward the abyss. Franz Ferdinand, Austria-Hungary’s heir apparent, is dead. At the same time, Commissioner Reitmeyer has a difficult choice to make. He is tired of being the puppet of the Chief of Police.

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Angelika Felenda

Winter Storm

Munich 1920. Commissioner Reitmeyer has returned from the war and is trying to hide the traumata incurred there from his surroundings, muffling the panic attacks by playing the violin, despite the fact that the police has their work cut out for them: food shortage and inflation have lead to a theft plague sweeping the city and to thriving business for black-marketeers and traffickers.

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Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

The Lives of Others

East German culture scene, mid-1980s. State power entrenches on the lives of two artists, a couple, initially seemingly untouched by politics – Georg is a playwright, Christa-Maria an actress. Minister Hempf sets the Stasi onto Georg and wants him out of the way, as he has fallen in love with Christa-Maria.

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Svenja Leiber

The Last Land

The beginning of the 20th century in northern Germany. Ruven Preuk, the youngest son of the village wainwright, has an extraordinary musical gift: he sees notes, and can play incredible melodies on his violin. This, however, does not only bring him admiration from the village where life is simple and tough.

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Martin Prinz

The Last Princess

When Elisabeth Petznek dies in Vienna in 1963, the fierce Alsatians in her bed also come to rest. She has just reached the age of 80. Hotheaded, vulnerable, unrestrained, open-hearted, blunt and headstrong. A woman who fit neither the roles intended for her nor those she willed for herself her entire life.

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