Andrzej Stasiuk


Original Polish title: Fado, published in 2006 by Czarne
(German title: Fado)
ca. 158 pages
Andrzej Stasiuk
Foto: Andrzej Stasiuk
© Brigitte Friedrich

Andrzej Stasiuk, born 1960 in Warsaw and raised there, lives in the Beskides since the year of 1986. He writes poems, stories, novels, also works as a journalist and script author and together with his wife Monika Sznajderman directs the publishing house Czarne located in Wolowiec. He has received numerous literary awards, among them the Samuel-Bogumil-Linde-Literaturpreis (2002), Polish Nike Prize (2005) for On The Road to Babadag, the Adalbert-Stifter-Prize (2005) and  the Vilenica prize (2008).

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English world rights (Dalkey Archive), France (Christian Bourgois), Romania (RAO), Ukraine (Grani-T)


»In this delightful collection of essays – by turns wry and reflective, wistful and witty – contemporary Polish writer Andrzej Stasiuk turns his attention to the villages and small towns of Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Albania, and of course his native Poland.

Stasiuk travels to places no tourist would think of visiting, and in his characteristically lyrical prose, lays out his own unique and challenging perspective on the fascinating, unknown heart of Central Europe. He reminds us of the area's extraordinarily rich cultural and ethnic makeup, explores its literature, and shows how its history is inscribed permanently in its landscapes. Above all, he describes with fascination how past, present, and future co-exist and intertwine along the highways and back roads of the region.« (book description from the English edition by Dalkey Archive Press)

Other publications

Dojczland/Dojczland (2008)

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France (Christian Bourgois), Romania (RAO)

Unterwegs nach Babadag/On the Road to Babadag (2005)

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USA (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), UK (Harvill), Spanish world rights (Quaderns Crema/El Acantilado), Russia (NLO), Arabic world rights (Sphinx), France (Bourgois), Italy (Bompiani), Netherlands (De Geus), Sweden (Ersatz), Finland (Like), Czech Republic (Periplum), Hungary (Magvetö), Bulgaria (Paradox), Romania (RAO), Lithuania (Kitos Knygos), Croatia (Fraktura), Serbia (Dereta), Slovenia (Beletrina), Albania (Mesonjetorja), Ukraine (Krytyka), Belorussia (Zmicier Kolas)

Mein Europa/My Europe (2004)

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Spanish world rights (Quaderns Crema/El Acantilado), France (Noir sur Blanc), Italy (print edition Mimesis / digital edition GoWare), Poland (Wydawictwo Czarne), Czech Republic (Periplum), Hungary (Kijarat), Bulgaria (Lektura), Romania (Polirom), Croatia (Fraktura)

Galizische Geschichten/Galician Tales (2002)

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Spanish world rights (Acantilado), France (Christian Bourgois), Netherlands (De Geus), Slovakia (Slovart), Bulgaria (Paradox), Slovenia (Cankarjeva Zalozba)

Neun/Nine (2002)

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USA (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), UK (Harvill), Spanish world rights (Acantilado), Russia (Azbooka), France (Christian Bourgois), Italy (RCS Libri), Netherlands (De Geus), Sweden (Norstedts), Slovenia (Beletrina), Hungary (Magvetö), Bulgaria (Paradox), Romania (RAO), Croatia (Fraktura), Serbia (Booka),

Die Welt hinter Dukla/Dukla (2000)

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English world rights (Dalkey Archive), Spanish world rights (Acantilado), Russia (New Literary Observer), France (Christian Bourgois), Italy (Bompiani), Sweden (Norstedts), Norway (Aschehoug), Slovakia (Baum), Hungary (Magvetö), Slovenia (Beletrina), Israel (Modan)