Ingeborg Bachmann

The Thirtieth Year

Edited by Rita Svandrlik. Collected Works and Letters. Salzburger Bachmann Edition
(German title: Salzburger Bachmann Edition)
ca. 400 pages
Ingeborg Bachmann
Foto: Ingeborg Bachmann
© von Mangoldt

Ingeborg Bachmann, born on June 25th 1926, died on October 17th, 1973 in Rome.

»... the most intelligent and important woman writer our land has produced this century.«

Thomas Bernhard

»A brillant intellectual.«

Heinrich Böll

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»When someone enters their thirtieth year, others won’t stop calling them young.«


In 1956, at 30 years of age, Ingeborg Bachman began with the first drafts for the book, which is now to published in the Salzburger Bachmann Edition. It would take five years until all seven stories had been submitted to Piper Verlag ready for publication in the spring of 1961 and the first volume could be published in July that same year.

Of the writing phase the poet, essayist and author of radio plays said that it was a »move within the head« that also encompassed her life. For the publication announcement she asked for the explicit note that this was neither »poetic prose« nor a »collection of stories«, so as to avoid any genre specification; what was important to her was the internal cohesion, the »sign of utopia« that connected all her stories.

For here too we are dealing with the »story within the self«. It is discernible in the biographically significant titles Youth in an Austrian City or The Thirtieth Year, but is most immediate in the story whose title character seems the farthest removed from our world: In Undine’s Valediction, this unique evocation of art and the drama of art and life, which forms the conclusion of the volume.

The narrative power of Ingeborg Bachmann is articulated in the scenic-analytical dimension that eminently emphasises cognition, the sense for linguistic micro-scenes, in which she focused the different forms of exercise of power and violence.

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