Ingeborg Bachmann

Male Oscuro - From the Time of Illness

(German title: Salzburger Bachmann Edition)
ca. 264 pages
Ingeborg Bachmann
Foto: Ingeborg Bachmann
© von Mangoldt

Ingeborg Bachmann, born on June 25th 1926, died on October 17th, 1973 in Rome.

»... the most intelligent and important woman writer our land has produced this century.«

Thomas Bernhard

»A brillant intellectual.«

Heinrich Böll

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Ingeborg Bachmann’s dream notes, correspondence drafts and records from the time of her illness are of great literary interest as the primary elements of the subsequent Todesarten-texts. In addition, these writings are apt to further our knowledge about her illness and the phenomenon of illness itself. They are outrageous, courageous in their analytic approach, defeated by the knowledge of the incurable – and at the same time they are filled with the passionate desire to escape the illness and find a cure.

In recent years, Suhrkamp Verlag has published major works from Ingeborg Bachmann’s estate, such as Herzzeit, the correspondence with Paul Celan and the Kriegstagebuch (War Diary), both of which have been translated into numerous languages. In spring 2017, Suhrkamp is going to publish the first two volumes of the Collected Works by Ingeborg Bachmann. This will be the first complete edition of prose, poetry and essays, as well as the radio plays, libretti and correspondences. Designed to be released in thirty volumes, it will present already published works in commented editions and will furthermore make available all previously unknown works from Ingeborg Bachmann’s estate.

Suhrkamp represents translation rights to integral (single) volumes of the Collected Works.


»Male Oscuro, the first volume in the complete works of Ingeborg Bachmann, contains previously inaccessible dream journals, notes and sketches from the time of her illness – a selection which is legitimized by the epistemological value and poetic nature of the texts.« Die Tageszeitung

»What this edition makes comprehensible through its meticulous and well-informed commentary goes far beyond the biographical worth of these sketches and notes alone.« Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung

»Though Ingeborg Bachmann’s dream journals in Male oscuro grew out of a therapeutic context, they are so much more. They are prose miniatures whose sinister images light the way from waking life into the world of sleep.« Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Other publications

Die Radiofamilie/The Radio Familiy (2011)

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Kriegstagebuch/War Diary (2010)

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Herzzeit/Herzzeit (2008)

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Malina/Malina (1971)

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