Ingeborg Bachmann, Paul Celan

Herzzeit - Correspondence

Edited and annotated by Bertrand Badiou, Hans Höller, Andrea Stoll and Barbara Wiedemann
(German title: Herzzeit)
ca. 399 pages
Ingeborg Bachmann
Foto: Ingeborg Bachmann
© von Mangoldt

Ingeborg Bachmann, born on June 25th 1926, died on October 17th, 1973 in Rome.

»... the most intelligent and important woman writer our land has produced this century.«

Thomas Bernhard

»A brillant intellectual.«

Heinrich Böll

Paul Celan
Foto: Paul Celan
© Wolfgang Oschatz

Paul Celan was born in Czernowitz in 1920 and passed away in Paris in April 1970. He is internationally recognized as one of the most important authors of the twentieth century.

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The Literary Sensation of 2008


»Books of this stature appear only every few decades.« Deutschlandradio

The correspondence from the period 1948-61 – a last letter penned by Celan is dated June 1967 – is moving testimony: firstly of the discourse of a love in the age after Auschwitz, with all the symptomatic disturbances and crises caused by the conflicting origins of the correspondents and their hard-to-reconcile designs for living – as a woman, as a man, as writers. Equally, however, it is a struggle for friendship or at least some kind of relationship. Supplementary to the almost two hundred documents of their communications, the volume of collected correspondence now includes the exchange of letters between Ingeborg Bachmann and Gisèle Celan-Lestrange, as well as that of Paul Celan and Max Frisch.


»Scarcely more breathlessly and desperately can two lovers ever have struggled for words. Little known among German literary historians, the relationship between these two poets amounts to one of the most dramatic and momentous occurrences in German literature.« FAZ

»A model of editing and annotation.« Weltwoche

»Elemental and of core importance to post-war German literary history” and “a dramatic, devastating document of life leaving no reader cold« Der Tagesspiegel

»From neither Bachmann nor Celan had one read anything like this before.« Süddeutsche Zeitung


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