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Thomas Kling

Collected Works in Four Volumes

Fifteen years after his early death, it is time to discover the entire œuvre of Thomas Kling. The provocatively-sensitive Thomas Kling of contemporary classics such as the volumes of poetry flavour enhancers and Long-distance Trading. The arbiter of traditions and fearless polemic Thomas Kling in the poetological self-placement Itinerar and in the seminal collection of essays Messenger Substances.

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Tatjana Kruse

K&K Sister Act

Two tough sisters, a faked suicide and a text message from the grave – once more, things turn tumultuous in Konny and Kriemhild’s newest case…

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Christian Lehnert

Out Towards the Inward

A »story of the invisible world on single pages« – poet and theologian Christian Lehnert has nothing less in mind for this book. The starting point for his thoughts are nature spirits and lower deities, dualistic notions of angels and demons, the formation of divine hierarchies, border crossings between this world and the other side with mysterious intellectual contraband in tow.

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Gertrud Leutenegger

Late Guests

A village near the Italian border. Late in the evening the narrator has arrived there after receiving news of a death. Orion, with whom she shared many years of her life before she ran away with their child, has died.

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Stephan Lohse

Johann’s Brother

Paul is arrested by police in a village in Northern Germany. He has beheaded seventeen chickens. Because he refuses to talk about the incident, he is taken to a psychiatric hospital, from where his younger brother Johann is supposed to pick him up – the two men haven’t seen each other in over twenty years. When Paul eventually asks his brother to accompany him on a trip, Johann agrees.

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Isabell Lorey

Democracy in the Present Tense

Amidst the crises and threats to liberal democracy, Isabell Lorey develops a democracy in the political present that bursts open political certainties as well as linear ideas about progress and growth.

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Nicolas Mahler


Dublin, June 16, 1904: a day in the life of the advertising agent Leopold Bloom and the sensations of the ordinary – James Joyce has created a maximal book from a minimum of matter: Ulysses, the most important novel of modernity, the book of the century. Joyce’s creation, spectacular also in regard to form, has inspired Nicolas Mahler to a story in pictures that is not a mere illustration or adaption of the novel but an independent and equally as inventive work.

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Friederike Mayröcker

as I in the morning and moss green. come up to the window

»Esteemed listeners, do not try to lift the secret of this text«, orders Friederike Mayröcker in her new work of prose – but even its title leaves an infallible track.

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Christoph Möllers

Degrees of Freedom

We are familiar with degrees of freedom in the field of mechanics. The term denotes the number of directions into which a rigid body connected to a joint can move. In attempt at modernising liberalism, Christoph Möllers starts neither with the general political climate nor the conflict between the individual and society.

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Heiner Müller

The American Leviathan

All throughout his life, »America« was both dream and projection machinery to Heiner Müller. He never forgets the first Mickey Mouse film he saw as a child in Eppendorf, while Faulkner is a defining read in his adolescence. The early fascination is coupled with the disapproving scepticism towards the opposing system’s aggressive politics during the Cold War.

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Rolf Nagel

A Dog’s Eye

Inflation destroyed my family’s savings … – many stories in Germany begin like this. So does that of young Rolf Nagel, who is born into a completely ordinary family in Hamburg in 1929.

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Christoph Nußbaumeder

The Unexpected

Late summer in the year 1900 in the Bavarian Forest. Standing on a hill, the young labourer Maria looks down at her village. The glass factory that employs the local people is engulfed in flames. Maria herself has started the fire as revenge for a rape that went unpunished.

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Deniz Ohde

Sky Glow

Sky Glow tells a story of class and origin without pithy slogans, of discrimination and contempt and their effects on the individual. The book talks about social shame, societal constraints and inequality, but at the same time it is a novel about a young woman’s self-empowerment, despite all adversities.

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Dirk Peitz

Looking Ahead: How We Are Narrating the Future

We can’t foresee the future. If you believe that you’re already living it, as some people in the Silicon Valley do, you need to adjust yourself because the future global power China is preparing to take over interpretational sovereignty. What, then, can we say about what is to come? Do we have reason to rejoice? Do we need to be scared?

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Ralf Rothmann

Hotel of Insomniacs

»Fear is a man’s best friend« is the motto of Hotel of Insomniacs, Ralf Rothmann’s new volume of stories, and indeed it is often fear that helps his characters overcome difficulties. The ageing lecturer who has an epiphany about the logic of love when his car breaks down in the Mexican desert, the violinist who receives a final diagnosis, or the child on the landing, awaiting his punishment – all of them experience fear as inverted hope too.

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Italy (Neri Pozza)

Clemens J. Setz

The Bees and the Invisible

Pure meaning, pure poetry – this idea seems to worry and spur on people throughout the centuries. It is the driving force behind the invention of languages like Esperanto, Volapük or Blissymbolics. Clemens J. Setz traces the anecdotes behind these constructed languages in The Bees and the Invisible, in keeping with the motto: »Tell the best story you know, as truthfully as possible.‹

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Olga Shparaga

The Face of the Revolution is Female

Minsk, summer 2020. A young woman in a sleeveless shirt dances along a black wall of special forces clad in black: Images like this one were seen the world over. Hundreds of thousands of courageous citizens from all social stratums are opposing the brutality of the regime with non-violence, creative diversity and decentralised self-organisation.

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Peter Sloterdijk

Making the Heavens Speak

Detours are the most direct paths to the centre. Peter Sloterdijk’s new work is proof of this theory: Located beyond topicality, theopoetics is, on first glance, about the attempts to make God or the gods speak stored in the library of humanity: either they speak themselves, directly, or their deeds and thinking are reproduced indirectly by the poets.

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Manfred Sommer

Pen, Paper and Kant

A line on a piece of paper – that is graphism in its simplest form. Analogous to the stem cells of biological research it can turn into many things: sign and sketch, text and image. In his richly illustrated study Manfred Sommer explores this graphic potential also in connection to Immanuel Kant: Might the spontaneous drawing of a line on the receptive paper, carried out with meaning and reason, even be constitutive for our existence in the world?

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Maria Stepanova

The Body Returns

Even before the international success of her first work of prose, Post-Memory, Maria Stepanova was a famous author. For twenty years, she has been contributing to shaping Moscow’s open-minded literary scene and established a reputation as a productive, adventurous poet, even in the English-speaking world.

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