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Philipp Ther

Europe After 1989

In 2014, Europe is in the grip of concerns and crises that have caused the optimism of 1989’s new beginnings to fade into distant memory. The New Order on the Old Continent explores correlations between the current situation in Europe and the new dawn arising after the fall of the Iron Curtain by shedding a different light on the end of communism, the revolutions of 1989-91 and the subsequent political and social transformations that gave rise to the »new Europe«. Current transformations are analyzed, not within the confines of Eastern Europe, but as a phenomenon affecting all EU Member States.

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Tomas Venclova


»Nobody can claim that Vilnius is his alone. The sheer fantastic fusion of languages, religions and national traditions in a city that ignores political boundaries was what recent arrivals always noticed, while its inhabitants were of the opinion that things couldn’t be any other way«.

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